Value creation program of Online Condition Monitoring


When a customer makes the decision to implement a Condition Monitoring project (online or offline), it is always important to measure the value generated by the solution. In Rubix, we measure the generated value as:

Machine Downtime

Avoid any unplanned downtime
Expected saving

  • Eliminate unplanned corrective maintenance actions: Early failure detection
  • Items Production (high stop time): do not stop production
  • Cost of replacement/reparation in short period of time

Operational Cost Saving

Improve operational costs of preventive maintenance
Expected saving

  • Extend the life time of the spare parts
  • Include new learnings and new maintgenance pratices in the planned maintenance system
  • Reduce the time of FTEs in maintenance activities


Improve efficiency of the Asset
Expected saving

  • Optimize the Enertgy consumption (Kw/h)
  • Reduce the CO2 footprint
  • Minimize the failure detection

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What is Rubix Condition Monitoring Portal?

The Rubix Condition Monitoring Portal is the single access point for Condition Monitoring Rubix customers, through which they can access multiple services on a single platform. This platform helps Rubix customers to have fast and simple access on a single platform and improve access to information and services.

How to sign up for Rubix Condition Monitoring Solutions?

For access to Rubix Condition Monitoring Portal, for any of the services, you should have received an invitation link from Rubix Condition Monitoring Support account, if you still don’t have the invitation link, please create a ticket in ‘Contact us’ section with your request and somebody from Support will contact you.

Can’t sign in to Rubix Condition Monitoring Portal Services?

If you can’t sign in with your username and password or you have forgotten your password please, click in ‘Forgot password?’ link in the authentication page to verify your identity. Fill your email address and click on send a verification code. Go to your mail box and copy the verification code that you should receive.  Return to the previous window, enter the verification code provided and click on verify code .

If you still can’t Access, please create a ticket in ‘Contact us’ section.