Online Condition Monitoring: Rotating Equipment

Rubix customer is one of the world leaders in the food industry. With multiple plants in Europe and thousands of employees; Rubix provides its services with different types of hardware solutions in various locations but with the same user platform, so that it allows the client to make coordinated decisions, regardless of their location and type of machinery.

Project description and objectives

The scope of the project has included the monitoring of 6 machines of various kinds, blowers, kneaders and mills at the customer plant.

The initial objectives of the project have been:

  • Carry out a detailed monitoring of vibration analysis of machines in which failures or breakdowns occurred and gave rise to unscheduled downtime, which entails additional unplanned expenses for the plant.
  • Optimize the frequency with which preventive maintenance is carried out on the monitored machines so that the frequencies necessary to carry out said scheduled maintenance can be optimized.

Proposed solution

Installation of a vibration system for rotating machinery (rotating equipment) up to 3 KHz frequency in the motor and shaft of the grinding wheel of the sugar mill

  • Project StartFeb’21
  • Scheduled Preventive MaintenanceMar’21
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance is not performedSep’21
  • Scheduled of the project with new machines and sensorsMar’22

During the first year of the project, the preventive maintenance to be carried out in the month of September’21 has been omitted since the vibration analysis and the different KPI’s produced were correct for the machine. So it was possible to obtain cost saving with a new preventive maintenance practice due to the online vibration analysis.

Cost saving

This has made it possible to obtain savings in preventive maintenance of €2.9 K just for one machine, thus implementing new practices in the maintenance model.In addition, throughout the project, any type of failure/stoppage of the machine has been anticipated, reaching 0 hours of downtime


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