Energy Efficiency: Air Flow

Our client is one of the leading companies in Europe in the automotive sector, where innovation and energy efficiency are one of its hallmarks

Project description and objectives

The scope of the Project has included the audit and analysis for the improvement of the 7 and 10 bar compressed air line for the plant located in the Zona Franca of Barcelona

  • The client wants to analyse improvements in efficiency, performance and, if necessary, the resizing of the current equipment to achieve annual energy savings over its current situation.

Proposed solution

The ‘European Compressor Holding’ team at Rubix Company proposes to the client an audit of the installed Worthington brand fixed compressors; Once the authoring is done and after analyzing the installation and customer needs, the room is resized to optimize the performance of the compressors.

The sale of a low pressure centrifugal and variable speed Hertz Heat Recovery compressors of 315kw 10 bar line is carried out

Cost saving

Estimated annual energy savings with the new configuration: 27% on the 6 BAR line and 17% on the 10 BAR line


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